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There are volumes written on successful interviewing, here are but a few tips.

There are two things necessary for the interview:


Prepare by knowing about the company. Visit their web site; read annual reports, newspaper or magazine articles available in the library.

Remember that your written credentials and a good phone interview got you there.
Dress appropriately and be on time.

There will be many questions asked. Listen to the question.

Many interviewers will start by saying "Tell me about yourself". They are really asking for a work history.

Some other questions will touch on:

Why you want to work at this company. What do you know about the company?
Your decision making process.
What motivates you.
Why do you want to change jobs
What are your training and qualifications for this position.
Why you want to change jobs.
How have you helped sales & profits, reduced costs and/or helped the company succeed.
How many people you have supervised, mentored.
What are the reasons for your success.
What kind of experience do you have for this job.
What do you do for fun.

Also remember:
Talk about what you can do for the company, not what the company can do for you.
Ask questions about the company and the position.
Let the company bring up compensation.

If you want the job tell them!